Saturday, April 2, 2011

Days Until I Become Mrs. Gruezo: 100

100 days!! Yes!! My official countdown has begun, even though The Knott has been counting down since we signed up. 100 days!! I know that's going to fly by. My goal is to post something for the next 100 days. It may be a project I'm working on or an old picture I've stumbled across. Let's make the first one a good one!

Back in 2008 I went on a missions trip to Hawaii, London, and Northern Ireland. Kevin and I were kindda dating before I left, but I knew that I needed to continue on with this voyage. So, in July I left and  Kevin and I stopped talking. Then, in October, while I was in Belfast, Northern Ireland, a special package was sent to me. I thought that perhaps people from church sent me a care package, but I was wrong. In the box was this Halloween tin filled with candy and a short and sweet note. And yes, it was from Kevin! =)

100 days and reminiscing makes me smile...