Monday, March 28, 2011

104 Days: Engagement Party

Though Kevin and I have been engaged for a few months now, we finally had our Engagement Party. My cousins, the Chow family, hosted the party (Thank you so much!) at Buca de Beppo in Irvine. I was a bit nervous because our families were going to meet for the first time. Yes, the FIRST time. Our wedding party was going to meet each other as well. But, we had tons of fun grubbing, laughing, getting to know each other, and celebrating our future marriage.

 The Chow Family - Leah, Ronnie, and Benny 

 Our parents

 Kevin's Fam Bam

My Fam Bam

 Us with Owen (Bridesmaid), Ruby (Bridesmaid), and Kriss (Maid of Honor)
Some of my Bridesmaids couldn't make it, but they'll be there at our Wedding Shower

Us and most of Kevin's groomsmen
Derwin, my brother (Groomsman); Alex, friend (Groomsman);
Daniel, Kevin's brother (Groomsman); Mark, friend (Best Man);
Anthony, friend (Best Man); 
Eric, friend (Groomsman); Matt, Kevin's brother (Groomsman)

 Us and "The Friends"

To end the partying, my dad serenaded us! Oh ya!!

3 hours later, the food was gone, and it was time to pack up and head out. I couldn't believe how quickly the time flew and I couldn't help but think about how quickly our wedding day will come and go. I need to make a mental note to sit back and enjoy that day. Take in the sights and sounds, and enjoy that one special day.

One of many parties to celebrate our upcoming marriage makes me smile! 


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