Saturday, August 15, 2009

More Surprises!!


We planned to ride the Midnight Madness this Saturday with a bunch of friends. Since I don't have a bike, I was just planning to borrow someone's, but the BF had something else up his sleeve.

I've had a long 2 weeks of VBS coordinating, and during one of our treks out in Torrance, he told me that he wanted to take me out for about half an hour. So, before dinner, the BF, our friend Jeremy, and I hopped into my car and headed out before feasting with the rest of the crew.

We drove a few streets and then we started to pull into a shopping center. I automatically noticed one particular shop. We parked near this bike shop as he told me that he wanted me to be ready for this Saturday's ride. Since I knew that we had to get bike lights, I asked if that's what we were getting. He smiled at me and said no: He was getting me a new beach cruiser!!!!! It's awesome: White with pink trim! Yes, I AM quite girlie!!

He just picked it up today, so I'll post pictures soon. =D

God blessing me with a new bike and the best BF makes me smile...


Caleb B said...

that's so awesome...the bike looks really cool from afar. but remember you need to get that basket to complete it. =)

J said...

Yes, I do have a Disney pass! And yes, We do have to go! :D NEEENS!

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It's nice surprise.

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