Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jezreel Fo' Real!

Sunday, June 20, 2009

Today we went to church at Jezreel Baptist Church. We got to sing songs in Tagalog and God moved my heart and, well you know me, I began to weep. They were tears of joy to know that my Savior is touching the lives of so many different people all over the world.. every nook and cranny. We had to travel through crazy and busy streets to get to church, and you would never know that a church was there, but low and behold, a thriving, living, flaming church was there, shedding light to the community around them. It felt so good to sing praises to God in Tagalog. It's something a rarely have a chance to do, and i can still hear the voices of the others' praises echoing in my ears. Praise God for His goodness and love to the many nooks and crannies (and barangays!) here in the Philippines.

Later in the afternoon, we held a special Sunday School for the children and it was a delight to get to know them. We played and sang songs, did a very low budget skit about when Jesus called His disciples, went over our memory verse, passed out the school supplies we packed earlier in the week, colored with the children, and fed them food. It was a great time together and it was awesome seeing the kids and hearing them sing praises to God.

Though I have a tummy ache now, it was a very good day. Thank You, Jesus! And.... I think I get to the the BF tomorrow!!! That's definitely something to be happy about. =)