Monday, March 16, 2009

My Fatty McFat Fat Weekend!

I'm usually a healthy eater, and I've been pretty good with portion control, but this weekend was an exception to the rule. A HUGE exception! I definitely had a Fatty McFat Fat weekend..and, yes, I enjoyed every bite of it!

1:30 p.m. - On Saturday, I had loads of yummy Flame Broiler for cutey patooty Taylor's 3rd birthday.

4:30 p.m. - Then, Kevin and I drove out to Carson (which is SOOO far away...heheh) and attended a family party. And, you guessed it, there was a colorful array of delicious Filipino Food! It was masarap na masarap!

11 p.m. - We hung out with some of Kevin's friends out in Lakewood, and on the way home we had the munchies, so we split carne asada fries and a humungo horchata from Albertaco's. We scarfed this down on the way back to my house. See, I told you...Team Fat Girl, here I come!

After gorging on food on Saturday, I thought that I would do better the following day, but boy was I wrong! I had some tastey food for our church's potluck (gotta love the weekly potluck after service!), then headed over to the Team Captains of the Team FatBoy and Team FatGirl. hahha...You guys KNOW I love you! After a quick nap, my tummy was ready to take on the day's challenge.

6:30 p.m. - Our first stop was Pondahan, in West Covina. Kris and I had the Filipino burger with sweet potato fries. JP and O had fresh lumpia and bangus. Oh..and we shared 11 fishballs (they threw one extra one in just for fun!)

8:00 p.m. - The Team headed to Life Plaza to get boba. Buy one get one free, baby! Jape and O got the cantaloup slush; Kris and I got the Thai Iced Tea. All with Boba, of course.

8:30 p.m. - We then headed out to Glendora to have some donuts, New Orleans style. We were in luck because they were frying up some new donuts, and we asked them to dip them in powdered sugar (a la beignets). They were delicious, but not really like beignets. We were going to wait for their special Cougar donut, but that would have been another 30 minutes. We weren't THAT desperate for another donut.

But... JP DID get one of their famous strawberry donuts. Doesn't it look mouth watering? I was up in my ears with food, so I couldn't partake in the splendid moment with him. Maybe next time...

9:30 p.m. - Finally got back to Kris' place.

10 p.m. - Kris and I headed to the gym. haha...thank God for 24 Hour Fitness!!

Being a Fatty McFat Fat with my friends makes me smile! =) Go Team Fat Girl!!


Michael said...

wow... I wish I ate as much as you. I wanted to this weekend, but it didn't happen.

krissamartinez said...


Lauren Manalili said...

So sad... yes... team fat girl totally by default and then I just kind of fit my title.. haha. love you guys!

Michael said...

I posted a picture, is that enough? i don't have one when I'm jumping.

selle said...

OMG!!! you guys are nuts! that's a whole lotta food!

and...ah..pondahan without me?! grrr.

Auto Joop said...

Hey Nina, it's Markie. I wanted to check out the post we talked about. Those carne asada fries looked so good right now. Don't forget, next time you order the carne asada fries ask them to put a flour tortilla on the bottom. That way you could have a burrito from the left overs. Does that tip still get me in the team?! Thanks for sharing your gifts with us today. See you soon! means girl said...

Hey Mark...well, I have to discuss such matter with the team (we don't just let ANYBODY be a part of the team...) but I'm pretty sure with a sweet tip like that, you're a shoe in to be in.. haha...

yes, it was nice chilling with you and everyone else again. We must get together soon...Actually, I think we're getting together on Saturday for the art exhibit?!?...perhaps? Jen and Kevin told me something about that...k bye! oh..and enjoy the hippos!

Anonymous said...

man, i need to hang with you more and get my eating on!!

julie rebecca.

Anonymous said...

ps. it was my parents room i painted! =)