Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Lily!!

I thank God for our friendship
I hope this, you do know
We've had jokes and amazing times
and our conversations - they just flow
We've been through a lot together
Through our years of singleness
And you've helped me through the years
to help my life not be a mess
Especially this past year
With our dates and late night talks
It's been amazing, all our memories
of working out and running walks

You've seen a side of me
that not many get to experience
and I thank God for you in my life
and for adding to my life your radiance
You have a glow within you
that you may not even see
But I see it very clearly
because it has greatly affected me
Thank you for the hours of listening
and hearing all my pains
Thank you for our beauty talks
through the weight loss and the gains

You've been a great encourager
and a wonderful friend to me
I love our bouts of story times
and getting all crazy
I'm praying for you, my sister
That God would bless you more
I wish you a happy birthday
and I love you - 11:04.

1 comment:

krissamartinez said...

neen! I thank YOU for our friendship and everything we've been through together. This is a sweet post and am glad to have a friend like YOU in my life! The dynamic duo!!!