Sunday, September 21, 2008


I'm in LONDON!!! ahhhh!!!! God is SO good! Never in my life did I think that I would be living in London for almost three weeks and then in Belfast for 9 weeks! Ahhh...God is SO good and I thank Him for blessing me by bringing me here. It's only been one day and it's already been fabulous!

I'm staying on the YWAM base in Harpenden. It's gorgeous here and the weather has been crisp and beautiful. Thank You, Lord! Here are some more pictures from my first few days in London. Since I've been here, I've already been on the Tube and a train. Oh..and I've walked into town a few times; I've went to the grocery store, Sainsbury's, and played a game of Apples to Apples with new people I've met here. Here are more pictures from my trip so far. Enjoy!

From the airport, some of us took the underground trasportation, The Tube, to get to Harpenden.

From The Tube we walked to the train station...We're almost home!

All aboard! The next thing on our list was taking the train. Just one more hour!

After we finally got off the train, it was just a 20 minute walk to our final destination.

After about 3 hours...we finally reached YWAM Harpenden. Here is the building I'm staying in. Isn't it just beautiful! Thank you, Lord...Harpenden makes me smile!

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krissamartinez said...


how exciting!! i'm excited and happy and proud of you. i think and pray for you often! keep updating as much as you can since we can't talk over the phone anymore!

miss you and love you!!