Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Meeting up with Toni Lei

Toni and I have been talking about doing a Hawaii trip together since we first met. We finally made this dream a reality. Although it was short lived, we had a great time. After she ran her first half marathon (you go, girl!), she flew over and met me in Kona. We made more great memories on our trip: Cruisin in a convertible Mustang (oh ya, we roll in style!) Hayashi, late night WalMart run, Will getting pulled over by a cop after being behind the wheel for all of 30 seconds, Huggo's on the Rocks, late night cruisin and talking, turn around trip to Hilo, going to a ghetto (yet famous) gym and met, spoke to and took pictures with BJ Penn (a 2 time world champion in UFC)...all lin the span of about 48 hours. Yes, we know how to work it! Here are some pictures from our trip. Thank you, Lord, for Toni Lei, and finally allowing us to have this trip together.

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