Sunday, June 12, 2011

28 Days...gulp...

28 days! 28 days????? Where did the time fly!! Well, I did have Science Camp, the end of the school year Thank GOD I'm done!!), and apartment hunting on our list of to-dos that we have thankfully checked off! whoohooo!! God answered our prayers (especially mine because I really had my heart set living in this city)..and we will be moving to ... wait for it, wait for it... CLAREMONT!!!  whoohoooo!!!! We found a cozy one bedroom apartment about half a mile from the Claremont Village. We are so excited to move into our very first place together. Kevin will move in July 1st and I will make my way in after the wedding.

As for our wedding plans... It's all coming together. Now that school is over, I'm planning to do nothing to RUN and CRAFT!!  As of today, 265 lovely people will be attending our wedding, which is fewer than the 300 we anticipated. I'm sure that number will continue to go up in the next few weeks, but we have a wonderful venue that will accommodate the large number without feeling too cramped.

My current room looks like it blew up with all kinds of wedding stuff: baskets, invitations, presents, jars, wood..hahha.. Soon, all the planning will be over and we can sit back and enjoy our very special day. =D

Our wedding coordinator, Michelle Groom,  is AMAZING, and I'm so happy that we have her on our team. She is going to pick up all of the wedding goods on  June 30th, so I have just a few weeks to get everything done. At least I'll be able to relax for 2 weeks before the wedding. I can't wait!!

28 days until I become a wifey to my best friend makes me smile...


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