Saturday, January 29, 2011

I know...I know...

Why haven't I blogged recently? Why haven't I told the world about how the best boyfriend in the world surprised me with a trip to London and Paris? Why haven't I proclaimed from the top of my lungs, or the tips of my fingers, how he proposed to me? Why didn't I get on my computer the minute I come home to share that I no longer have a boyfriend, but that I have a FIANCE? Why?....I. AM. BUSY!!!

My apologies for my lack of zeal in blogging lately, but until today I literally don't have time. Between teaching, grading, tutoring (for extra money), meeting with vendors, emailing different people, crafting, working out,  and sneaking in a date night with my future hubby, I really haven't had much time.

So now it's Saturday, 2pm. We had no meetings, no tastings (until 5:30 p.m.), no appointments. So now, I can sit and blog. Finally.

One day (hopefully soon) I'll be able to back track and share our engagement story, but today I feel like blogging about the present. Today. How do I feel at this very moment, in the midst of the chaos, some uncertainties, and the stress of it all? Blessed. I'm so blessed to have friends who care and are extremely excited for us, who plan parties and get togethers and open their houses for us. I'm blessed to have family who can't wait to meet Kevin's and have set up great dinners for us. I'm so blessed to have a loving, caring, generous, hilarious, and handsome man who will, in a few shorts months, be my husband. But more that that, I'm blessed to have a God who loves me so much, who knows exactly what I want and need, whose timing is always perfect, who makes me smile. So, there are many things yet to plan, many purchases yet to accrue, many sleepless nights to come, I sit today and thank God that I am blessed.


Iris said...

now i can give you my official congratulations! we are so happy for you! and girl, i understand how you feel about being busy. but i can't wait to hear more about your engagement and all the other wonderful things God is doing in your life!

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