Monday, January 31, 2011

5 Months

Kevin and I will be married in a little over 5 months! AWESOME! Wedding planning has slowed a bit, though do a tasting this Thursday. God has blessed us with ease and peace. "One and Done" has been our motto. We looked at the first, and only, venue and booked it. I found THE dress in one day and bought it. We booked the first DJ we met. We booked the first, and only, wedding coordinator we met. It's all coming together so quickly, so smoothy, and, save for the money Kevin and I have been shelling out of our pockets, so painlessly. And, trust me, we are not being rash about things just because we know we don't have much time to plan. We genuinely love all of these things (or people) and feel like they tie in beautifully with our theme and overall look. We especially love the hearts of our vendors,  their excitement to work with couples, and their love for what they do.

We still have much to do, but I feel like we've gotten a lot accomplished and we've only been engaged for a little over a month. Whhoohooo!!! Quick and easy planning definitely makes me smile!


Lil Ol' Me said...

woohoo! glad its all coming along for you guys. u know, one and done is a good motto! haha, we probably should have done that. or at least been like, if we like it, why even bother with anyone else. cuz the first venue and first dj we saw, we ended up booking anyways. lol!

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