Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Wide-eyed and young spirited,
She had so many plans
She wanted to explore the world
Set sail, fly high, and venture off
into the unknown world
atop mountains and waterfalls

But things changed
Time was the only thing that took flight
and flew on by
through the years, the milestones
the setbacks and celebrations.
She still wanted to fulfill her dreams
Dreams waiting to become a reality
Painted and hung upon the mantle
as a reminder of her desire

But things changed
and her dreams of adventure
climbing mountains and roaring through rapids
turned into teatime and cloud gazing with the one she loved
These became her wild adventures
With no regrets, and years filled with happiness
Her book was filled
not with unknown plants or animals,
but with the one she's known for years
And she was happy
She lived a fulfilled life
Her dreams of adventure and a life worth living
came true.