Thursday, June 4, 2009

7 Days!!

Slowly but surely...I'm getting them done!

_ Get health insurance

_ Print out and sign liability sheet

DONE -- Get my toesies done (Sorry, Cara...I got them done earlier today!)

_ Put together art/crafts for VBS

_ DLand Day with the BF and friends

_ Beach Day with the BF

_ Give VBS bag to Jerica

_ Complete Resume

_ Fill out and submit CA Substitute forms

DONE -- Target run for necessities: Bug spray, Citronella candles, Benadryl, Pepto
{ended up buyiing $70 worth of crap, I mean necessities...argh....}

_ Check to see if I need Typhoid shots

_ Get an unlocked cell phone for the Philippines (ask Dezza)

_ Buy a digital camera (with insurance!)

DONE -- Buy computer camera for when I use Skype

_ El Monte run for Saturday

_ Set up Skype account for my brother

_ Costco for Saturday

_ Call the guitar guy to get my guitar fixed up

_ Meeting with the team on Friday

_ Read 2 Ways to Live for Friday's meeting

_ Write poem for CHCS graduation this Friday

_ Meet with the Demandantes/Hegles on Sunday (1pm)

_ Prepare for CHCS beach day on Monday

_ Pack for Vegas trip for Monday,Tuesday

_ Lunch with Rubes on Friday - 1pm at the Shoppes

_ Make graduation chocolates for Daniel

_ Say (a hopefully not so tearful) goodbye to the BF...

_ Have one more family outing (beach trip???)

_ PACK for the Philippines!!!

I'm sure there some things I've missed....yes, I only have 10 days to get this done. argh....