Friday, May 1, 2009

Thank you, thank you...

Miss Courrrtney Morrrrrtimer for the laughs.
Mr. Wilson for the great workout.
Sir Norms for the delicious meal, fit for two.
Miss Aim Cee for the delightfully free dessert.
Ban Anna for the special treat, almost perfected.
My superhero for a splendid day yet again.

God and these cooky characters make me smile...


Gen said...

it was really good. We had the cheese fondue, salad and then the chocolate fondue. We didn't do the entrees because they are super expensive. But even though we didn't eat the entrees we were soooo full!! Caleb had a 25 gift certificate which was good, he bought it from for i think 5 bucks or so, and so it didn't cost too much. But the chocolate was sooooooooooo GOOD!!

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