Thursday, May 7, 2009

Special Specific Surprises

Surprise #1

Last Monday I went to Bible study. We learned how we should pray specific things, so that when God answers our specific prayers, we totally know it's from Him and can thank Him even more. So, I did just that. Tuesday morning, I woke up and actually worked out before work. Yeah, that's a rarity in my life. Anyhow, two hours later, I was driving to work with my mom. I had a quick conversation with God and said, "Jesus, it would be really nice to have some coffee today."

I know that I could have just bought some Starbuck's and still thanked God for blessing me with the 5 bucks for a frapp. But God had something way better up His sleeve. =)

During work, my friend, Aaron, and I were texting each other because he and his brothers were at Disneyland and wanted to see if I wanted to join him. I tutor as a second job and had 2 students that day, but I was thinking about canceling for the day to join him and his brothers. I've done that before, so it wasn't a big deal for me. But for some reason, I opted not to cancel and told Aaron that we would just have to hang out another day.

After work, I headed to job #2, tutoring a 2nd grader. Whenever I go to her place, her grandma usually give me a cold soda and a snack. I've tutored her the past year and a half, and they've ALWAYS given me soda. Always. Well, on this particular day, she came out of the kitchen, and guess what she was holding in her hand: A cold Starbuck's Coffee!!! You know, the ones that are in those glass containers. =) I knew it was from my God. I knew He heard me. He set me up for something sweet. Something good.

Surprise #2

This surprise happened on the same day. The bf and I made plans to go to the Huntington Beach Farmer's Market. He wanted to go surfing with Mark before our date, so he asked me to be at his house by 8pm. When I asked him what time the Market, closed and he said 9pm, I thought to myself that we wouldn't have very much time there. I was going to text the bf about the time issue, but I didn't want to be a brat. He wanted to surf with Mark and I know how much he loves surfing with the boys. But, I wanted to spend more time with him at the Market too. Even so, I wanted to be a good gf and follow his plans.

So, after the coffee story, I was already on cloud nine, thanking God for His sweet surprise. I finished tutoring at 5pm and decided to just head out towards the bf's hood and do some reading until he finished surfing. But, as I was driving, I received a text from him. He told me that the surf wasn't good and that he was headed home already. I joyfully texted him that I would be on my way! By the time I got to his place, it was 6pm and we had plenty of time together at the HB Farmer's Market. We walked around, had some good eats, talked, laughed, and had a really fun date. God knew my heart and that I wanted to spend more time with the bf, and He answered my heart's desire. God is so good!

When I told the bf my stories, his eyes grew large and he had a big smile on his face. Then he told me his side. He was supposed to meet up with Mark after work that day to head to the beach. But he got off work early, 4pm, so he decided to head out to the beach by himself and have Mark meet up with him there. By the time he got there, he noticed that other surfers were leaving cuz there were no waves. So, he sent a quick message to inform Mark and headed meet me. =)

God is so good! I love the little plans He has for my life. They are special. Specific.

God and the specific surprises He gives me makes me smile...


j said...

wonderful stories neens! they make me inspired to ask God for specific things too!!

kalangot said...

Crazy how everything worked out :)

Gen said...

i love surprises and God answering our prayers. I remember that I prayed that if it was God's will for me to get married, that he would let me get married within two years (mind you no one was around) and guess what, right before the two year mark was over Caleb pursued me and we got married!! God is super good!!

karen said...

that's awesome. God has been speaking to me through a song lately. i was reading your blog the other day and realized that i hadn't heard "i smile" in a really long time. so i started listening to it on, and even though i'd heard it a hundred times before, the lyrics spoke to my heart at that moment. and i kid you not, but i heard it on the radio three times within the next day and a half.. each time being in a moment that i was feeling stressed out and overwhelmed with work. so i think God has been trying to tell me to take it easy, and just smile, because He's in control of it all.

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