Thursday, May 21, 2009

God Answers Prayers!

Slowly but surely! =) God has answered part of my previous post's prayer. Hurray! God is good! God has opened a door for me to sub next year for CHCS. And one of the teachers will be taking some time off to have another beautiful baby, so they're gonna need a long term sub. Me! Me! (possiblee!) Also, word on the street is that the 4th grade teacher (she's a new teacher and replaced me when I left last year) is now engaged and her fiance lives up north. Why in the world would she want to stay down here when her future hubby's up north!?! I can feel it now... God's doing something! =) And I'm excited!

This past Tuesday the choir/drama had their Spring Muscial. It was AMAZING. Made me cry, of course. Being surrounded by the students and parents and their warm greetings made me miss my CHCS family. Yes, they're really like family. They got to meet the BF, and a few of the fathers warned him that if he messed with me, they would mess with him (haha). Seriously, though, they did. It's awesome. I miss it.

Dear Jesus, please allow more students to enroll at CHCS so that they need more teachers. May this growing enrollment be a testament of Your goodness in the life of Your children. I also pray that You work in the heart of the 4th grade teacher to want to be with her fiance. Am I being selfish? Please forgive me if I'm being selfish. Thank you and I love you. =) Amen.

Happy Friday! =)


Gen said...

we shall be praying for this.

katie said...

yaaayy! wow neen!! that is awesome to hear!!!!!! i cant wait to see what unfolds!!!!!! that is totally awesome if you get to go back!!
hee hee- you'd sub kinder for lauren?!!! hee hee!

kalangot said...

Sweet!! Things are working out :)

helen said...

praise God!!!! hooray :)))

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