Friday, March 20, 2009


45 minute drive for some good eats
and good friends
more memories shared
along with the food
picture taking
making time for those I care for

gassing up and getting caught
a moment alone
so we snuck in a quick hug
and then we're off again
for more food and more memories

what we thought was the wrong way
the wrong direction
the wrong turn
turned out to be perfect
memories swept over us
and we had to detour

down the darkened street
past the rows of houses I used to walk past
weekly, prayerfully
reminiscing about the past
where he used to park under the tree
the rooms, playground, the kids
making our voices deep and scratchy
to mimic one man in our past
with the crazy hair and raspy voice
laughing and smiling
that we ended up there

the blue children still dancing
the bars still holding up
the grassy field just like it used to be
where kids would play kickball or tag
5 years ago

just seemed like yesterday
we drove out there together
friends at work
God at work
riding with him meant no bus
no walks for blocks to get to my destination
things were easier

5 years later
still riding in his car
though the small has turned to large
and the red to tan
I'm still there with him

thanks for the memories


kalangot said...

Mr. Jackson! means girl said...

are you happy I fixed it?

Auto Joop said...

Hey you! Thanks for dropping by. I was telling Kev and J, "Ahhh crap, pressure is on".


I was telling Kev maybe i should start holding out on the stories and sandbag a little bit.

So when the lovely readers come out, they Cheer instead of Jeer (or laugh).


Auto Joop said...

Dude, this was an awesome post.
You guys both have awesome poet skills!