Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Waltz

Eyes streaming with tears
He held out his hand
and asked for mine
Bewildered and confused,I put my hand in his
and slowly stood up, ready to trust him no matter where he wanted to lead me
I felt like a little girl holding Daddy's hand
as he paraded me around for all to see
Each step helped me on this journey to break free
from my shell and be who he wanted me to be
And then the music
And then the dance

I put my head on his shoulders and began to weep
tears to flush away the sorrow and the pain
tears to show my overwhelming joy and peace
It's a new day
Drop the past
Leave it all behind
Begin the new life
With just the music
And then the dance

It was not only one brother, buy many waiting to waltz
But that didn't matter
I wanted to waltz only with my savior
to be held in his arms and have him whisper in my ear
I want only and always to waltz with my lord
First the music
and then the dance

Written July 13, 2008


Gen said...

i think we are not doing anything on friday...but when caleb get's home i'll ask him if we are doing anything

Auto Joop said...

This is a really sweet poem!