Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Princess

{Wrote this a few years ago. I think I've already posted it on this blog, but I can't seem to find it, hence the possible repeat. Enjoy}

She lives in her own little world, this kingdom in her mind
Where everyone does her every wish, her every command
She cares not how she treats them or how they feel
She only wants what she wants; her way or the highway
She has a sweet smile, oftentimes masking the hurt or anger inside
But she wears her emotions on her royal sleeve
They all see it; she sees it

Her eyes are dark, telling her emotions, screaming her frustration
They are her weapon; her subjects tremble when she unleashes their knightly fury
She has many thoughts but voices very few
She keeps many frustrations to herself
In times of emotional distress, she cries out
Her subjects listen quietly as if they are asleep
Indeed they are, or try to be
Then the royal Princess climbs back onto her thrown
Hurt, she lays yet another brick on the wall
And paints her royal smile back on her face

She feeds off her subjects’ fear
The very stench drives her, empowers her
She feasts on their intimidation and desires more of this fowl character
Their quivering voices, cowering eyes, hunched shoulders
Feed her, disgust her, make her want it more and more
It sickens her, but she can’t resist

She goes about doing her regal tasks
Prim and proper; no detailed overlooked; perfected perfection
Everything must be done her way
Or else her fury
Quick, cover your eyes
Don’t look

I hate her
I loathe this princess
She haunts me; she follows me wherever I go
It seems like she grows stronger every day
She overshadows me and stalks me, watching my every more and wanting to escape
Waiting to escape; watching for the very moment when she can come out
I beat her and suppress her royal highness
Sometimes she lives too deep to kill her
But I try to mortify
Others are sent to do the same, with little avail
I fight and fight, but her forces seem stronger at times
I see her face in the mirror and it scares me
I am saddened to think that she sits on my thrown
She takes over my world, my life

I need the King to help me; He is the only One who should rule my life
No princess, no prince, no one but Him
The King can mortify this thief
or better yet He can change her and make her a servant
Just like His Son
He can drop her from her royal pillow and allow her to wash the feet of others
What a privilege, what an awesome turn of events
By His decree He can save her, He can transform her
Only the King can do it
This princess has no chance when He is on the thrown
And He is always on the thrown

Finally, I can take off my tiara
It pierces my head, leaving scars and wounds to remind me of my past
Finally I can start being the servant
Finally, I can escape her world and live in His
I know that she will always be there
Until I finally enter His pearly gates
But every day I must cut her off, gauge her out, pluck it out, mortify
Every day I must take up a symbol of my new life
My cross
Every day I must look to the King for wisdom and guidance
Farewell princess
Good riddance

Written July 8, 2007

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