Monday, December 29, 2008

Reflections of 2008

It's the end of the year, and I wanted to take some time to look back and thank God for all the many blessings in my life. It's definitely been a VERY different and VERY exciting year for me. So much happened, and all I can say is that all glory goes to God, who made it all possible. I look back and see how God directed my steps, each and every one of them...

- ended relationships
- loving SABWEEEENA!!!
- Manalili wedding
- Bermejo wedding
- turned 27! wow...
- prayed more earnestly about missions
- Listened to a message by Francis Chan, and he spoke about a crazy bunch of kids called YWAMers
- Looked into YWAM and started doing my research
- Told the principal I was applying for YWAM
- Filled out application and sent out necessary forms
- Got my first tatt
- Monterey trips
- Vegas trips
- MLK 2008
- Got accepted to YWAM
- Captain Planet
- Lily and Lola
- Got my second tatt - Ready to Fly
- Nina Day at Disneyland
- SD with the fam bam
- Tearfully told my kiddoes that I wouldn't be back
- Said good-bye to my Chino Hills Christian School family
- Said good-bye to my family and friends
- Packed my bags
- Kona for 3 months...intense!
- Girls camping trip
- Other camping trip
- Ken's Diner
- Will's gloves..haha....
- Meet and Eat - and driving a 15 passenger van
- Meeting Jesus at "my spot"
- Adriana's
- Honolulu twice!
- Ohana gatherings
- Barf bags with Nesha
- Dates with Julie
- Leading worship
- Writing songs
- Dancing with my Daddy
- London for 3 weeks!
- Big Ben, the Buckingham Palace..and such
- A Midsummer Night's Dream at The GLOBE THEATRE
- Making music videos with the girlies
- Sleeping on the floor of churches and halls
- Sam Sandwiches
- Screwing in my smiles
- Not showering for days at a time
- TWO slices of deli meat! ha!
- Treasure hunts and finding the treasure
- Holy Spirit Dave
- Good-bye dinners
- Spiritual warfare
- Belfast!!!
- looking out for dog poo
- The Oasis Cafe
- TEC guys..hah...
- Dubs
- Giant's Causeway
- Ivan
- The A Team
- Martin and his never-ending flute playiing
- Dinners at Martin's
- Flowers from Ivan
- Glencairn
- 8, as in "ayte"
- St. Andrew's youth
- High School Musical 3
- Love notes on napkins from Ivan
- Snow and frost!
- Primark!
- Jack butt
- Singing songs
- Leading worship at St. Columbus
- "Can you turn me on?" ha!
- Shankhill House
- The Phoenix Center
- "Lovely"
- "Who said that?"
- Teaching Helen how to speak "Californian"
- Filipino church with potluck, of course!
- Free rides from taxi drivers
- The Belfast Leisure Centre
- The Wave Machine
- Belfast Castle
- City Centre
- The Roast
- Hot Chocolate and a treat
- Not shaving ..hahah...
- 12 Hour Prayer and Praise
- Sushi
- Saying good-bye
- Back to London!
- Buffet with the guys
- Back to Kona
- Hanging out and fellowship
- Hayashi's
- Mexican food
- Date with Jesus
- Sitting on the wall
- Long walks and talks
- Breakfast with Julie
- "Come Away with Me"
- "Look at the stars...look how they shine for you"
- Saying good-bye to my DTS family
- Back home
- Being with my family and friends from all walks of life
- Welcome Haydn Lohren Manalili!!
- Trusting God
- Growing in my relationship with Jesus

Lord, thank You so much for 2008. There is so much more that I can write about from this amazing year; thank you! I'm so excited for what you have in store for me in 2009. Thank you...looking back, though there were rough times, thinking about 2008 makes me smile!


Rubyellen said...

wait. manalili wedding was 2007! haha... i guess you're still thankful for it.

julie. said...

i love that i made the list...twice! girl you are so awesome..cant wait to hear your voice this weekend.
love, love, LOVE you!

roxie said...

where is Roxie!! :-[!!

come home baby!