Friday, October 17, 2008

Top of the Mornin' to ya!

I'm now in Belfast, Northern Ireland!

I have some extra time on my hands, so I wanted to just update and let you know what's been going on with me. Northern Ireland is a really nice place and the weather hasn't been too bad. It's actually been a bit sunny, though we still wear warmer clothes because it's quite cold out. It hasn't been raining too much, but I was able to buy some cheap rain boots to prepare.

We live in a 3 story house (cool, huh?) in NI, and it's not too far from the City Center, which is like their "downtown." It's really nice and has a lot of stores and cafe's. I'm currently in one cafe b/c they have free wireless here. I take the bus or walk everywhere, which is good for my health.

For the past few days, we painted an elementary school about half a mile away from where we live. We've also met with some High schoolers and are going to meet up with them every week at a local church.

Starting next week we will be very busy. Every MWF we will be running a cafe and getting to know the people who go to the Cafe. We will also be working in an after school program during the week and helping the kids with homework. We are also going to a few elderly homes and spending time with them. Many of the older people here just want someone to sit with them and listen to their stories. It'll be nice to spend time with them and share the love of God to them as well.

In a month we will be moving to a "flat," which is the same thing as an apartment. But, we will pretty much be doing the same ministries. We will also have some time to go sight seeing and we're going to see Giants Coswway, which is this cool thing on the coast. Google it if you have time. Every Saturday we have a 'free day' and this Saturday I think some of us with go to a castle and do more sight seeing.

Alright....that's about it. Please keep praying for me. Thanks!

..and for pictures!

Here's the team in the elementary school we painted. We're posing with the principal, who loved our work so much that she asked us to come back for 3 days straight!

This building is where we live. We live on the corner house. 55 Balygomartin!

This is me in front of the City Hall (I think). It's so old fashioned and beautiful. This is located in City Center.

As we were taking pictures, we noticed that someone put this "crown" on the stature and thought that it was hilarious!

We love jumping pictures. This was taken on our walk home today. Yay for being in Northern Ireland. Indeed, God and Northern Ireland makes me smile!


The Hows said...

did working at the elementary school make you miss your kids from chcs? what are the kids over there like anyway? sounds like you're doing awesome work for the Lord! keep us posted!

melindakimbo said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! The pictures/post from London brought back a lot of memories! I'm so excited for you! Keep posting... it's really exciting to read about all the things you YWAMers are doing!


selle said...

ooo how fun it all looks!!!

Michael said...

my friend lives in dublin, don't know why I told you that, just a fun fact.