Friday, October 31, 2008

Time to Update!!! Hurray!!!

So it's high time that I update. I know..I's been a while. I've been quite busy with different ministries that God has given us. They have all been wonderful and I'm so excited for the next half of Outreach (only 6 weeks to go!). Last night a few of us did this ministry called Late Love. Sounds a bit dodgy, but it was really cool. From 11pm - 2am, we passed out tea, coffee, and biscuits to the college students who were walking around town after a night at a bar or club. We just wanted to share the love of God to them and hopefully warm up their hearts as well as their bodies.

And now...for the pictures!

We are running a coffee shoppe called The Oasis every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We have met many different people and we even have one regular, our friend Martin. On our grand opening, we had live entertainment, and one customer! hahaha..

Sometimes we get so bored that we just pose like statues, hoping to get people to come it. I don't think this works.

On Saturdays, we have a free day and I usually spend the day on a fantastic date with Jesus. We go out together and experience new places in Belfast. On this particular Saturday, I went to Queen's University and walked around the college town. I am taking a picture in front of a really old and beautiful brick church.

I think this is the same church.

I am standing in front of Queen's University. You gotta love the self timer on digital cameras! =)

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