Friday, August 22, 2008

A Written Update!

I just wanted to let you guys know that I miss the church and I hope all is well. I'm doing great out here and loving the Lord more. This week we are learning about God's destiny for our lives: Destiny by Design. God has made me and given me the gifts I need to fulfill the dreams He has for my life. It's so amazing to know this and I am truly pressing into the Lord to seek what He wants for the rest of my life. God has given me many verses to guide me and slowly unfold the dreams He dreams for me.

I am also getting ready for outreach, which I'll be leaving for in about a month. We will be flying to San Francisco (just for a few hours, I think), then we'll head to London for a few weeks. After, we will be going to Northern Ireland and staying there until the first week of December. Then, I'll be flying back to Kona to debrief for a week and then I'll be home on December 19th. Wow....I know from now until then God will do so many miraculous things! I'm so excited!

Also, God is the great provider! Through my church and through my new DTS family, God has provided for the first phase of my outreach, which was $2,500. God also used someone to surprise me with $300 in cash! Someone put it in a makeshift envelope and put it on a clip in front of my room. God is SO good! Now, my trip to Honolulu is all paid for. No, I'm not going there just for fun, but because I have to take care of things for outreach. God is SO good and never ceases to amaze me with how He provides, and loves to provide for His children. God definitely makes me smile... =)

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selle said...

God IS good and DOES provide. Glad you are loving the Lord and growing's great encouragement! :)