Saturday, July 12, 2008

I know...I know...

I need to update more! I'll try to be better, but my days are so crazy hectic sometimes and it's hard to keep up! I'll try to post more though...For the sake of time (and I'm sure you'd all much rather see pictures instead of read) I'll post pictures with a short comment. If you want more details, just let me know! Mahalo!

On the second night, we had a Celebration of the Nations! There are over 40 different nations represented on the U of N campus right now. That's amazing! We had some hula dancers...

..and a 14 year-old boy doing some fire dance.

I got to represent and carry the Filipino flag! It was really fun and exciting! They said they hardly ever have anyone carry our flag. Represent!

These are some of my new friends here in Kona!

I have a roommate from Switzerland and she, along with her Swiss friend, put together a Swiss Chocolate game. It was so much fun and we got to eat some scrumptious chocolate!

This is the front of the campus. Beautiful isn't it? This is where I'll call home for the next 3 months. Praise God!!

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Last Saturday, my roomie, Julie, and I went downtown and had our first shaved ice!

As you can see, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

This is the first church I attended here in Kona: The Living Stones Church. It had a great service, but I definitely missed my home church!

This is the view from the church. Isn't it beautiful! I wouldn't mind if the Lord gave us a church with this as our backyard!

More posts to come...I promise!


selle said...

awww looks like soo much fun! btw, we are having hawaii weather here right now-hehe. humidity, heat, thunder, lightening, on and off showers!

Loyd said...

hi nina! hope all is well in Hawaii! Mmm... shave ice!

The Hows said...

i miss hawaii - it looks so beautiful! are you going to learn to do the hula too? i think you guys are gonna do a lot of street evangelism with skits/dances/singing, etc. you look like you're having a great time!

jill said...

It looks beautiful! wish we were there with you!