Friday, June 20, 2008

A Picture Update!

After the last day of school, Z Pizza had a fundraiser for me. Awaiting was a surprise given by the students and staff of my lovely CHCS family. You guys ROCK! =)

These are some of my kiddoes. I'm going to miss them so much!

And then I sat at my desk one last time, prayed to the Lord for His will for my life, and said good-bye to teaching. (for now? forever? only God knows...)

Then my fam bam packed a van and headed down south to San Diego. This was taken at old town San Diego with good ol' Honest Abe. He's one of the "ancients."

On Tuesday morning, Jerica, Sarah, Mark, David, Corey, and My Kat blind folded me and took me to...

...The Happiest Place on Earth!!!! yay! I had so much fun! It was a wonderful surprise and I loved every minute of it..even though it was SUPER hot! Thanks guys! I love you! =)

...just the gals in the Beast's Library. I took a quiz and was told that I'm most like Cinderella's evil Step Mother. I don't see that one bit! I protest...

This was the first time I rode California Screamin' was SO MUCH fun! I rode with Jerica...and she only had to hold my hand for 3 seconds. Good job!

At the end of the day, we were all SUPER tired...but we all had so much fun! Thanks again guys! It was a very pleasant surprise! I'm blessed to have you guys in my life, though you are ca-razy! I will miss you all so much!

Z Pizza, CHCS, San Diego, Disneyland...Thank you God for these wonderful memories. Thank you for making me smile! =)

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selle said...

awww!!! praying for you! love the new layout and seeing pics-oh you have to post pics once you get there!!! :)