Thursday, June 19, 2008

2 Weeks, Folks...

...and I board that plane for Kona! Much has gone on since the last time I posted, and i want to put up some pictures, but it's late and my computer's really slow today, so that has got to wait. I will update my check off list, though:

DONE -- Ask someone for an example of their support letter (Thanks, Katie!)
DONE -- Write support letter
IN THE PROCESS -- Send out support letters
DONE -- Community of the Word
DONE -- CHCS Family
DONE -- CFBC Walnut
DONE -- Talk to principal and parent...please pray for my mom!
DONE -- Tell my students the (good/bad) news (the "Flying Filipino" came back for my last chapel and told the upper graders about the new road God has for me)
IN THE PROCESS -- Help with CW VBS 2008
___ Get vaccinations (Hepatitis A and B, Tetanus, Polio)...ouch!
___ Book round trip airfare to Kona, Hawaii
___ Purchase Health Insurance
___ Get my passport
NOT GONNA HAPPEN -- Take one last trip to Monterey (I hope you're ready for me, Torrey!)
DONE -- Finish up school year...pack up my school materials and say good-bye to my CHCS family
___ Pack my bags
___ Say good-bye
___ Take Flight
DONE - SMILE and trust God's perfect plan...I'm SO EXCITED!!!!
___ SMILE and trust God's perfect plan...

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John Lauren Photography said...

oh boy... 2 move weeks, and you come back to a house hold of 3 in the manalili residence. my floor will miss you!