Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I've always loved to smile...

darrylectic : did i ever tell you
darrylectic : you're one of the most smilely ppl i know
Neenster114 : what's up...
Neenster114 : really?...
Neenster114 : I'm the most smiley ppl you know???
darrylectic : yes
Neenster114 : hahah....that's so funny!!!
Neenster114 : what makes you say that??
darrylectic : that either means i need to know more ppl
darrylectic : or you're really joyful
darrylectic : cuz i always remember seeing you
darrylectic : from the pink palace
darrylectic : and you're beaming
Neenster114 : hah...thanks..I love to smile..God makes me smile! =P
darrylectic : :)

...see..I told ya!...

1 comment:

Frances Tibayan said...

But has he seen your lion face? Hahaha, I'm sure he would be smiling "everyday" (as Nacho would say). Love ya Neens!