Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Merry Christmas, LMNBS!

Ladies Monday Night Bible Study

The Lord has brought all of us women together
We’re growing and flying, like birds of a feather
He started this ministry many years ago
With just Tita Carol and Tiff, well didn’t you know?

God put it in Tita Carol’s heart to meet
With many young ladies, now isn’t that neat?
They met together over coffee or tea
Growing and seeking the Lord Almighty

We grew in number and had lots of fun
And we’ve read many books; no this poem’s not done.
More ladies came and before you know it
We loved the Lord more, and our lives did show it.

One book that I’m sure we’ll all remember
Was “The Excellent Wife,” we read in December
Through Martha Peace’s knowledge and Bible study
We learned how to be our future husband’s encourager, supporter and buddy

Many even graduated to be soon-to-be-wives
But we’re still growing and God’s still changing our lives
And now these “soon-to-be’s” are living the part
They’re loving the Lord and their husbands with all of their heart

Through the years we’ve met at different places
We’ve lost and we’ve gained many beautiful faces
One special face is the one and only –
Our Pastor’s wife, Tita Carol, you see

God led her to step away from this ladies’ group
Joy and I were sad to be thrown this big loop
But God knew what He was doing; His plan is the best
He used this to grow us and put our faith to the test

God wanted this ministry to continue to grow
And by the looks of tonight, we are doing just so
He is the one that continues to work in our lives
He’s the one growing us and making us wives

And now, we’re learning through the great pastor, John Piper
Through a book study – and you know we all get real hyper
We’re learning about faith in future grace
And trusting Him through life’s unplanned places and pace

We are learning what it means to trust Him every day
To lean on Him, cling to His Word, and obey
Through prayer and meditation on His great Word
God is refining us, and growing us all, ya’ heard

He is using this ministry to show all of us
Who He is and how we should not make life such a fuss
He has all of the details planned out to a tee
His Son paid a great price for our lives, but to us salvation is free

I praise the Lord for this great ministry
And for you, all the ladies, that tonight I do see
I know He will continue to refine all of us
Remember: His plans for our lives are perfect! And now Merry Christmas!!


rubyellen said...

Praise God!

helen said...

oooh what a lovely poem, ate nina! praise God, indeed :D

Frances Tibayan said...

Awh, I miss the Monday Night Ladies :( i should start one right now, just me and myself, j/k. Tell them all I said I miss them.