Saturday, September 8, 2007

Miss Villarin

"Meet the Teacher Day" with my co-teacher

"My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas"

"In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth..." Genesis 1:1

I pray that God uses this classroom for His glory.

The teacher's desk is OFF LIMITS!! Don't even think about it...

Soon, I will take on this title yet again, Miss Villarin. In 2 days I will embark on yet another school year, only this time, I will have a classroom of 18 fun and rambunctious 5th graders. Last Friday we had "Meet the Teacher Day" and for the first time in the past few months I actually felt like a teacher. This summer I've been busy with other roles in my life, but I am quite excited to put this hat on once again.

5th grade. I'm excited fot what the Lord has in store for my class this school year. This year, my students will complete many assignments, test, loads of homework, schoolwork, stories, poems, Bible verses, writing assignments, math equations, quarter projects, and so much more. They will memorize the 50 states and thier capitals, as well as many noteable historical speeches and documents, one being the Declaration of Independence. We will travel to many fieldtrips; NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory is the first of many out-of-school experiences.

There will be fits of laughter and tears that will be shed. I will receive many anxious emails, phone calls, and letters by loving parents. We will celebrate many milestones and accomplishments in my students' lives. I am so excited!

I was never this excited to start school. I know it's going to be an excellent year with the Lord guiding me and growing me every step of the way. There are not many people who can truly say that they love work and I praise God that He has given me this love for the students and parents. I praise God that I am able to share the love of Christ and His atoning death on the cross EVERY DAY, in every subject, with every prayer uttered in class. I praise God that I work with unbelieveable believers (haha!) who love the Lord and strive to glorify His name as they teach their students. I'm excited for what He's going to do this year in my classroom and in the hearts of my 18 students. I can't help


selle said...

yay to another year miss villarin!

Gen said...

ooh how exciting it must be to know that you will be able to impact 18 students for His kingdom, that you will be molding 18 kids for His glory, and be able to spread the gospel to 18 families. I'll be praying for your endurance as the school year starts and I know that the Lord will continue to strengthen you through this year and to continue to spread the word!

Eleazar & Heather said... is funny to think that the new school year has begun. I cannot believe how time has passed. It's good to hear of your excitement and passion for your work. It is definitely encouraging to hear of the joy you have with the people you will be ministering to. I know that God will do great things. Have fun and hope to see you soon...brown

rubyellen said...

Miss Villarin...We are so stressed with house stuff...Pray for us!!! But have fun this year and I will be ready to make your next slideshow!!!