Thursday, July 9, 2009

Last Day...AAAHHHH!!!!! =O

It's my last night here in the Philippines. The Motherland. it's about midnight right now and I'm pretty much packed. Sitting in the room by myself cuz my roomie, Kris, is now back in "the states." I've had an amazing time here and I thank God for every minute of it. ..well, almost every minute cuz my extra time in the CR wasn't too fun.

I got to see my extended fam bam here in the PI for the first time. First time in 28 years. It was kindda weird seeing family and not really knowing them, but being connected to them even through the years. I got to share the love of God to two of my cousins and give my cousin a Bible.

I got to spend some time with the BF out here, and even Skype with him after he went home. He's really one amazing fella.

I got to fly out to Bacolod and Boracay. AMAZING! {I'm sorry for the lack of pictures, but the internet is slow here. Visit my FB to see pics.}

I got to experience the love of God through the Lim family -- their joy, generosity, hospitality, love. It's great having such a big extended family.

I got to pray with one woman in the correctional institute, and encourage a PK.

I'm so blessed. Really. I'm learning more and more, that when you follow Christ, He has amazing journeys in store. Things I wouldn't have imagined doing. Even though I'm as broke as a joke right now (haha...) I'm really enjoying life. Thank You, Jesus for causing me to smile...

...good-bye Manila, hello LA!!! =)