Friday, November 28, 2008

Thank You, Silent Servant! =)

Today I received an email from one of my old students. It's always great to hear from past students and be encouraged by them. I had this one particular student in my class for 2 years in a row (4th and 5th grade). She loves the Lord and is a wonderful young lady. I was so blessed by her email, especially this portion of it:

"I have earned some money that I want to donate to you.
Could you send me the information my mom will need to know
so we can send that to you. I earned this money by being a
silent servant in our home and to my family and friends. I
worked all summer for it. I hope you can use it. "

What a blessing to know that a young 11 year old worked so hard all summer serving others and earning money just so that she could give it away to me! I'm so touched and blessed by her! I praise God for using these acts of kindness and service to bless others and to bless me.

To the Silent Servant,

If you are reading this blog, know that I am SO BLESSED by your servant's heart. I know that God loves you So much and is SO pleased by your willingness to serve others. I saw that while you were in my class for 2 years, and I'm sure that Mrs. Apolinar sees your caring heart as well. Please tell your family that I said hello! I can't wait to see you all when I come home! =) Thanks again! May God continue to bless you!!!!

For God's glory,

Miss Villarin


katie said...

ya what are they gonna do without the little filipino ladies!??!! hee hee! =) it's definitely bittersweet to leave but definitely a blessing to stay home to watch my little luke luke grow up! im glad youre being so blessed out there serving! whoo-hoo! we're officially ywam-sisters! heehee! except my home base in Honolulu rocks harder! =P means girl said...

great to hear from you again..have they filled your spot??? hmm...cuz I may be in a need of a job for a few months until I head out again...'s ALL ABOUT YWAM KONA!!! oh ya...U of N all the way! =)

roxie said...

this is so touching

Cindy Marie said...

that's one of the most beautiful stories i've read in a long time. you deserve it neen =]