Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rubes, This One's For You!

Today, we got up and asked the Lord what He wanted us to do today. He wanted us to go to this Methodist Church in the city and ask if there are any ministries we can do there. He also wanted us to buy some flowers and pass them out to the elderly to brighten their days and hopefully strike up conversations with them.

So, after breakfast we did so and were able to give some flowers out. We also stopped by Sainsbury's, the local grocery store, to buy food for the rest of the week.

Here we are in front of Sainsbury's waiting for a taxi because we bought a lot of groceries. Nina is in the middle, and Janet is on the far right. We are all part of the same small group, one on one, and outreach team, so we are all pretty close. At the grocery store, I was in search of something quite special....and after looking up and down many aisles, I finally found them!...

McVitie's Penguins!!! Ruby told me about these when she went to London and so I wanted to share these special treats with my fellow YWAMers. As I instructed them of the very special way to eat these penguins, I was reminded of Ruby's Bachelorette Party many years ago and how a bunch of us celebrated Ruby's upcoming wedding by scarfing down some Penguins. Praise God I actually found them back home!...hahh.... (Love ya, Rubes! ..and don't worry, Penguins await you during Christmastime!...just don't let Ben see this post! hahah...)

We truly enjoyed eating them! Everyone was so excited about the fun way of eating them! They were scrumptious!

Thank You, Lord, for the Pounds and Pences You bless me with so that I may bless others....Penguins definitely make me smile! =)

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Rubyellen said...

haha... praise God for penguins!!! yay for sharing the penguin love! i was wondering if you were gonna look for it. oh and sainsbury brings good memories... i used to buy them their too! i had like 2 a day when i was there... so keep eating them!