Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's About That Time...

to update my blog... (sorry, O!) I've had a busy couple of weeks and last weekend was quite hectic, but now I have time to finally update. Hurray! I apologize that the pictures are in a random order. Nevertheless, here we go...

Introducing Team Northern Ireland! A few Sundays ago we found out our Outreach Teams. It was a fabulous night!

Last Saturday I did construction on a new building the school is putting up. I worked from 9-3pm. It was hot, tiring, but I loved the being able to serve others.

2 Fridays ago a few YWAMers had a bonfire. It was so much fun! This was our fabulous fire.

At the bonfire with some friends...

Before going to the bonfire, a bunch of us went out for a friend's birthday. We got some ice cream and hung out at the beach. Happy Birthday Maggie!

God's beautiful sunset. I love living in Kona!

Last night a bunch of the girls got together and had a Girls Night Out! We got dressed (which is quite rare nowadays) and headed over to Bubba Gumps. At this table are Nicole, me, Julie, Paige, and Amy.

Julie and I shared a "Bucket of Boat Trash." It was so good!

Gray and White Day for Julie and me! I love this roommie...ya, that's right!

This is the beautiful ocean I run along in the mornings. Again, praise God for His amazingly beautiful creation. I could get used to living in Hawaii!

Going back to my construction day. Here are some bunk frames I primered. As I was working, I thought of all the saints that would stay in these beds. Praise God that I could serve those who would use them hundreds of years from now.

Girls Night Out with my Swiss roomie, Mel. Ya, girl!

Nina and Nina....hahah...her name doesn't have the squiggly accent, though.

Here are most of the girlies. There were 23 DTS Ladies times!

This is me with my small group leader, one-one-one, and Outreach leader, Janet! She rocks!

Last but not least, Meehan and Julie with a mud pie we all shared. It has fantabulous! Thank you, Lord, for great food, great friends, and a great Friday!

Oh...and I want to give a shout out to Sally. Oh ya...that's right! Thank you for your prayers! Though the bugs are relentlessly feasting on me, I am loving the Lord more and learning so much! You have an AMAZING daughter and I am so blessed to have her in my life. =) I can't wait to meet you!

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