Saturday, July 26, 2008

Random Picture Overload!

I apologize for the lack of order in my pictures...I just posted a hodgepodge of pictures from the past week. I hope you enjoy!

This is what happens when we forget our room key: My roommie breaks in and saves the day! Hurray!

After a long week of lectures and stretching of our minds, we need to be a little goofy. Pictured are Catherine, from the mainland, and Danny from Ghana.

Community Outreach: Meet and Eat! Every Wednesday, a bunch of us drive to a local junior high and serve food to the people in the community. We prepare the food, serve, and eat and chat with them. It's a great time to share the love of Christ with our actions and words. I love Wednesday nights!

This is Alton. He's from Kosova, the newest country in the world! They gained their independence only a few months ago. Praise God from freedom!

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Alish and me getting ready to serve some good grub!

Every Wednesday (after we get back from Meet and Eat) we have "Mystery Fun Night" ....oooo...aaaahhh... this past Wednesday, we played Capture the Flag! This is Team One.....oh ya....

...and Team Two! Since I was sick, I just took a few pictures and headed up to my room to relax.

Every Thursday evening we have our Ohana Worship Meeting. Everyone from the community is invited to come on campus and worship our Lord with us. We're excited and getting ready to worship.

This is what we love to do: Worship our beautiful Savior. I couldn't help but take a picture of Julie as she was worshiping our Lord. She is totally mesmerized by our Lord and enjoying this wonderful time of fellowship with Him. Praise God!

One the right is Loren Cunningham, the founder of YWAM. Praise God for this man and for God granting him the desire to prayerfully and actively press into our Lord and put together YWAM. The woman on his right is his Korean translator.

For Julie's birthday, we went by the beach and chilled. I got to play my guitar...yes!

Last but not least, this is my "spot." This is where I spend great time with my wonderful Father. Just this morning, God woke me up bright and early to spend time with Him. I praise God for this magnificent time and the little surprises He gives me. I love spending time with God; He's utterly amazing!..and yes, He makes me smile!


Toni said...

Nines i can't wait to visit!!! I'm glad you're having a great experience so far. Love your pictures:)

katie said...

i get so excited every time you post a new blog- i love when you share new things! awwhhh so reminiscent of my times at the honolulu base! i love that we have this commonality... and so sexcited that you get to experience this.. and God in this way! praying for you!