Thursday, June 26, 2008

One Last Week

I have one last week here in Southern California. It's so hard for me to believe. In one week I will be embarking on a totally new path for my life. I must admit it's been hard, and it's getting harder, to say good-bye and leave this world behind. I'm usually fine and dandy during the day, but some seemingly insignificant comment could be said and I must force myself to hold back tears. I've also had a hard time really late are super early in the morning when I'm all alone and able to think about things. It's hard to believe that in one week I will be gone.

I have so many thoughts, feelings, and emotions swimming around in my head and heart. It's hard to register it all, and I know I need to cling to Christ even more. I've had a hard time dealing with certain things with friends and it's sad to think that I'm leaving soon and that things will be different: close friendships will change and we will move on with the different paths God has for us. I'm excited about the adventures and experiences that await me for the next few months of my life. I'm excited to see how God will use them to change and mold me. I know I need to change. I know I need to continue to be molded so that I can be more like Jesus. And yes, I know it will hurt because I already feel some of the pain.

Yet, I smile and thank God for where He is leading me. I know that it's all by God's amazing grace and mercy that I am able to take flight. So, here I am, perched on the farthest branch, just waiting for the right wind to gently lead me into the air. Here I wait smiling at the coming days. Here I wait and smile...


selle said...

oh sooo exciting!!!! i know it must be sooo exciting and yet scary but yet sooo amazing! i shall be praying for you!

Iris said...

you are going to love YWAM, the environment is awesome, and of course, hawaii! it IS different from cali though. i am so excited for you - i just know God will bless you, it's gonna change your life, girl! will you be able to update your blog while you're there?