Tuesday, June 3, 2008

30 Days

In 30 days this will be my new home: The University of the Nations. My Internet has been down at home, hence the fact that I haven't posted in a while. So, today, when I was finally able to get back on the net, I started looking through YWAM and DTS stuff. My stomach began to churn with excitement. "I'm going to be there!! I'm going to be there soon!" I still can't believe where God is taking me. I am so blessed and it's only by His grace that I'm able to partake in this new adventure. God continues to show me His grace and mercy through many situations and trials. He is growing me and using many means to do so; I praise Him for testing and strengthening my faith through these situations. I praise God for using different people in my life to encourage me, people I wouldn't think about going to. God is good!

I have so many mixed emotions. I have fits of laughter and excitement..and then there are times when I want to take a snapshot of every moment with my friends and family: drinking strawberry shakes in the living room, hanging out outside of Starbucks, conversations and laughter in my classroom, Americana with my crazy family. I want to take it all in and never forget these cherished moments.

I will miss it here, but I know that the Lord has something new in store for me. But, I have 30 more days to make more memories, shed more tears, and spend more time with friends and family. I have 30 more days until I say good-bye to California and aloha to Hawai'i. I still can't believe it! God is good!..and of course, this makes me smile!

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selle said...

wow...it looks so pretty there! so excited for you! wish i did it...a little too late for me now. hehe.