Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Preparing to Fly

DONE -- Ask someone for an example of their support letter (Thanks, Katie!)
___ Write support letter...almost done...
___ Send out support letters
DONE -- Talk to principal and parents...please pray for my mom!
___ Help with CW VBS 2008
___ Get vaccinations (Hepatitis A and B, Tetanus, Polio)...ouch!
___ Book round trip airfare to Kona, Hawaii
___ Purchase Health Insurance
___ Get my passport
___ Take one last trip to Monterey (I hope you're ready for me, Torrey!)
___ Finish all school year...pack up my school materials and say good-bye to my CHCS family
___ Take a trip out to the LBC hah...and say good-bye to Captain Planet
___ Pack my bags
___ Say good-bye
___ Take Flight
DONE - SMILE and trust God's perfect plan...I'm SO EXCITED!!!!
___ SMILE and trust God's perfect plan...

DONE - Finish filling out health form
DONE - Go to doctor's office/hospital to get TB test
DONE - Get results of my TB test...good to go!
DONE - Write out a check...great $70 investment
DONE - Find a current picture of me for the application...took it today with the school's about current picture!
DONE - Look over the application one more time to make sure it's all good...looks good!
DONE - Go to the post office...quick stop...saw Paul on the way out and he told me he would pray for me.
DONE - Send the application via certified mail...$4.00...not bad at all...
DONE - Give out Employee reference form
DONE - Give out Pastoral reference form...he wasn't too happy...hahah...he actually seems quite excited for me. yay!
DONE - Give out friend reference form
NEVER ENDING - Pray...pray...pray...
DONE - Wait...wait...wait...
DONE - Email YWAM for a follow up
NOPE - Phone interview (???)
DONE - Hear results - I'M IN!!! AHHHH!!!! PRAISE GOD!!! AAAAAAHHHHH!


selle said...

woo-hoo!!! i remember when my mom had a hard time agreeing with my sister's decision to go! it's a complete step of faith!

krissamartinez said...

you're really going neen!! i'm so sad!

but i'm happy at the same time. i'm so excited for you!! we're definitely gonna have one last night of craziness. lily and lola! watch out world, here we come!

Michael said...

aren't the Hep. Vac series like 6 months long? thats how long it took for me.