Monday, April 21, 2008

My Mustard and Ketchup Weekend!

I realized that I'm a simple girl and I love to keep it that way. I cherish the simple memories with family and friends - late Movie and Munchie Nights (and I had plenty of them this weekend!); staying up till almost 2 with my closest girlfriends, talking about anything and everything in life; shopping!..need I say more?; meeting new friends and meeting up with old ones...and, my all time favorite from this weekend - SLEEPOVERS and crashing out on the floor!

I praise God that these little moments mean the world to me.

Thank you, Mustard, for a super fun weekend! I praise God for our friendship and the fun times we share together...and I'm glad I'm not your weirdest friend. =P LOVE YOU!

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John Lauren Photography said...

Weirdest... no way... by far... haha. I had a great time too. Till the next weekend. haha. crying babies! haha.. sad for our long weekends. I'm like dragging my kid along so I can have sleepoever weekends. haha...