Saturday, March 15, 2008

Process of Change

Everything's been sent and now I'm just playing the waiting game. I'm excited and nervous. I know it's all in His hands and so I'm going to trust Him. Everyone's been really supportive and encouraging. I look back and praise God for allowing different people to be a part of this process:

GOD - created me and grew in me a passion for His glory and for His name to be glorified among the nations
PJ and Yek - reminding me about missions and calling me out to India many years ago
Jill - took my picture for the application the day I sent it out..though later she jokingly regretted taking it
Armenia - filled out my friend reference form and said she almost cried as she did so
Pastor Alex - filled out my pastoral reference form though he jokingly said he would mess it up
Jazz - was my "witness" for my waiver form
Bec - closest confidant through the past months regarding missions and work
Countless friends and family - praying for me and this possible new endeavor for God's glory

Praise God...Lord willing, in a few months my life could be totally different...and I smile...


Frances Tibayan said...

That's exciting! Praise God for moving your heart still towards missions. Here at our church their are so many missionaries and it is a huge priority for the church...i'm excited for CFBC or COW to be that concerned and excited to send out one of our own. And yes I miss your silly butt :) Although I think of the many silly comments we'd say to each other and then I'd think "i'm way too mature to be her friend" haha j/k. We are well and excited to be here and learning lots. I miss home but I think I'll miss this place when we leave. Elijah is so talkative and my belly is HUGE! I will pray for your missions endeavor. I love you and I hope God will cont. to use you as he sees fit and that you cont. to be content in singleness (either forever (whoooo!) or for a season). Love you muncho.

melindakimbo said...

Missions?! WHERE? WHERE? WHERE?!!! I'm so happy for you!!!! It's going to be so amazing! You're going to learn so much about yourself, God and the relationship with him. I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!! where where where!!???! If you have a heart for missions, God gives you that calling, theres nothing you can do but GO GO GO!!!!!!

<3 Lin