Friday, February 29, 2008

My To Do List...

DONE - Research various organizations

DONE - Email different organizations

DONE - Print out application forms

___ Email regarding the summer term, finding out results

DONE - Talk to principal about next year's plans

___ Finish filling out application form

___ Finish filling out health form

DONE - Go to doctor's office/hospital to get TB test

___ Get results of my TB test

___ Write out a check

___ Send the application

DONE - Give out Employee refernce form

___ Give out Pastoral reference form

___ Give out friend reference form

___ Pray...pray...pray...

___ Hear results

___ Pray more

___ Talk to principal and parents (???)

___ Pack my bags (???)

___ Say good-bye (???)

DONE - SMILE and trust God's perfect plan

___ SMILE and trust God's perfect plan...

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