Sunday, January 6, 2008

2007 Makes Me Smile

So much happened last year...I'm sure I will forget many unforgettable moments, but as I sit here, typing away when I should be working on getting ready to go back to school, I will tread down old memory lane...come walk with me!

- I started 2007 as a single woman..newly single, I might add. Praise God for His perfect plan for my life.
- Taught 4th grade for the 2nd time and transitioned up to my current position as a 5th grade teacher. Praise God for my class.
- Had a very difficult summer and battled a lot of sin and pride within myself. Praise God for His work in me and the work He will continue to do in my life to change me to be more like Christ.
- Became a camp counselor for Camp Alandale. This is definitely one of the higher highlights (ha) of 2007. Praise God for blessing me with the wonderful opportunity to be a part of this ministry.
- JP and Owen's wedding. Praise God for thier friendships and being a part of it all.
- Cuz and Heather's wedding. Praise GOd for His blessings upon them and for keeping Cuz safe.
- Armenia and Joel start dating and get engaged. Praise God for working in their hearts and bringing them together.
- My sister and Caleb got married and now have a beautiful daughter, Sabri. Praise God for showering His blessings upon them.
- I am now a homeowner. Praise God using this as a means to teach me to be better with His money.
- Hanging out with a dear sister, Lily, and the late night talks we have. Praise God for her friendship and our fun times together.
- Having fun with Lily, Marie, DJ, and Alejandro. Praise God for their friendships and putting them in my life.
- Meeting Mr. Cool Guy. =) (again..another higher highlight) Praise God for blessing me with this friendship and using it to trust Him more with every aspect of my life.
- Lola...enough said...hahaha...
- Ruby gave birth to yet another beautiful girlie, Brave. Praise God for blessing me with the Bratchers and for blessing them with another healthy girl, a new house, and a new car.
- VBS and Youth Camp at Idylwild Pines. Praise God for blessing me and allowing me to be a part of this ministry.
- Mr. Cool Guy..oh, I think I wrote that already... =)

I praise God for 2007. Though I faced many hardships and tough times, God got me through every step of day at a time. I shed many tears last year, more so than the years before, but God used every tear to refine me, show me my sins, and bring me back to Him and the cross. As I sit and count my blessings, I praise God for each and every one of them. I know that there are countless more events, memories, past times, and recollections I have failed to write down, but I know that God has used each day to show me more of Himself in my life. I praise God for each and every day, and I'm excited, very excited, to see what He has in store for me in 2008. All I can do is praise God...and smile...


krissamartinez said...

hahaa. i praise God for our friendship. i praise God that he has blessed us with good (and not so good) times.

...oh lily, lola, dj, marie, and alejandrrrro.

Frances Tibayan said...

The cross is sweet to those that understand they need it above all...indeed.

Cool Guy, huh...keep me posted!

love ya!