Friday, December 21, 2007


There have been many weddings within the last few years. I feel like I'm planning some kind of shower, going to some kind of party, or attending someone's wedding. It's been such a blessing seeing God put two people together, seeing their story unfold. I've been so blessed to be around couples and see the love they have for each other. I praise God for blessing my friends with new families and new traditions.

I honestly thought I would already be married. My 27th birthday is in a few weeks. 27! In college, my idea age to start my family was 25. Well, almost 2 years later, I'm still single. But, wiser...I'm doing my best to trust God with every aspect of my life, especially when it comes to dating, relationships, and marriage. Big question marks still flood my mind, but I know that I need to trust God with the unplanned things of my, relationships, and marriage are definitely all unplanned. Well, at least they are in my book. It's so comforting to know that God has every day of my life planned out. Every day. I can trust Him. I must trust Him. His plans for my life are always what's best. BEST.

I've been praying and I don't want to be like Zacharias and doubt God when He answers my prayers. I must keep praying. Is God answering my prayers? I'm not sure, but I know that I've been grinning from ear to ear. Yes, cool guys definitely make me smile.

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