Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Scenic Road Part II

Written by Eleazar Nepomuceno

Then finally we stop.
I was not sure where we where.
There was a sense of excitedment and fear all at once.
I turned to the front to look for the driver
and asked him where we were
With a calm and peaceful voice he said,
This is where I wanted to take you.
HE then stepped out and came around to me.
At first I was scared but then recalled the times in the fog,
that no matter what happened, I could always trust him.
He let me out and suddenly a great view of a gate came into view.
He took my hand and walk with me towards the site.

When we got there He said:

It has been a great Scenic Ride.
I enjoyed all the views and the places we temporaily stopped at.
Even though the the ride was at times scary, so thank you for trusting in me.
I just wanted to tell you that this is the place i wanted to take you.
I wanted you to see and experience all those places because it would only prepare you for this day.
I am very proud of you;
you have done a great job throughout our scenic ride.
I am very excited for the new adventures we will have together.

Cuz, Thank you for a beautiful ending to my poem. I love every word. Truly God takes us through life's adventures, this so-called Scenic Road, for His glory, to prepare us for the Pearly Gates. What a great and glorious day that will be. Again, thank you and I love you and miss you...

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