Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Home Owner

It seems like everyone's buying a house. Guess what? I'm a homeowner too! Promise! haha..what a great investment! And I don't even have to move out of my room. God is good!

In other areas of my life...still big ??????s but I'm trusting God and I praise Him for the change of heart and mind. I'm amazed at how easily He can change things and make me realize how silly and superficial some things are. I know I sound quite general, but I'm not really up to posting my life's story here...ironic, isn't it? Yet, through all the ????? and ................. (elipsises, not periods) I can still smile and know God is in charge. Yes, God is in charge.


rubyellen said...

Congrats... you beat us!!! we dont become homeowners until nov. 16th!!!

Yek said...

What the heck??? What happened? What's the bad news?

Odelia said...

Keep up the good work.