Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What Can I Say?

Many friends began writing and now I'm joining this online journal crew. I'm not a mother, so I'm not going to display my child's growth. I'm not a wife, so I'm not going to write about my relationship with my husband. Such things are non-existent in my life..for now. But, I am a daughter to the King and I will scribe, to be best of my ability, His goodness in my life and the growth He is doing in me.

2 weeks ago I was in Monterey. Beautiful and serene Monterey. The Lord used this trip to remind me of His goodness and be able to rest in His plan. He showered me with His perfect peace, though striking news hit me and I wasn't sure how to react. Yet, God had a plan. With the little details of the trip, He showed me that He loves me so much. His plans are perfect! Though I may plan and plan and plan (yes, I'm a planner!), ultimately God's plans will prevail. Some times God changes my plans, throws my planner out the window, kicks my dreams to the curb, and crushes my selfish desires. This was Monterey. Yet, through the midst of it all, God's grace enabled me to sit back, soak up some rays, and praise Him even more. Though it all, God grew my love for Him. I love God so much and I praise Him every day for what He is doing in my life, for how He is turning my world around, for His grace that He so graciously pours upon me. What more can I say? God is good..and because of this, I smile.


rubyellen said...

I am glad that you are willing to throw your planner out the window for a better plan created by the planner of the universe...Oh boy!!! I am excited for the plans He has for you...Remember what you told me at diamond palace...I will remind you of that moment, if that ever happens!!!

Gen said...

oooh i want to see more pictures of monterey. I haven't been but I have heard it is beautiful. maybe caleb and i can go and you can take care of your lovely niece! praise God for His will and not ours.

Joyce said...

hey stickers! how are you? you teach 5th grade?? are you moving up with your kids or something? coz weren't you teaching younger kids? well move out here so you can teach ethanboy! he's in the 5th grade now...yup yup he's a big boy now