Wednesday, April 6, 2011

95 Days

Bridal Expos: I've gone to a few of them. I've been to a super small one at a golf course; I've been to a medium-sized one with another bride-to-be, Eva; and I've been to this super swanky one in West Hollywood with one of my MOH, Krissa. This one, located at the London Hotel, was a bit too booshy for me. Even though we both felt a bit out of place, we had fun tasting the goodies, taking some fun pictures, and grabbing a mighty heavy swag bag. Oh ya! Kevin and I are going to have a pretty relaxed, sweet, and comfortable wedding. So, all of the glitz and glam of that night was NOT for me. Case in point: After seeing a slew of BMWs and Mercedes pass us by, Krissa and I had to practically run to my old, beat up Mitsubishi Mirage as the valet guy pulled up. haha... good times!  Free goodies, good laughs, and spending time with my MOH makes me smile. =)


krissamartinez said...

daahhling! it was just fabulouuus being with you at the London hotel!

hahaha, hey, at least you got some free stuff! and yummy treats! means girl said...

That's right, daaaahhhling! But, it felt like everyone was from Haaaaaaavaaaad!!! hahaha...

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phann son said...

yup! and having people remind us that left and right!!! exciting!!! =D

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